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The Mayor of 44th Street 1942

Joe Jonathan (George Murphy), a reformed ex-con is the new owner of a dance-band booking agency, is under police scrutiny owing to the racketeering tactics of its former owner , Ed Kirby (Richard Barthelmess), who is in Sing Sing Prison. Bits McKrk (Rex Downing), a small-time young hoodlum essays a blackmailing foray into Joe’s thriving business. But Jon wins over the tough little runt and takes him into his business, against the advice of Jessie Lee (Anne Shirley), his former hoofer partner and true-blue girlfriend. Kirby is paroled from prison and attempts,with members of the old gang, to extort protection tribute from George’s clients, that includes Freddie Martin and His Orchestra. Little Bits McKirk, impressed by Kirby’s big-time hoodlum glamour, begins to back-slide, as predicted by Jessie. George, with his world crashing and the woman he loves beginning to lose faith in him, realizes he has a tough job ahead of hi.

Duration: 86 min


IMDb: 5.6