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Runaway Nightmare 1982

Two worm farmers from Death Valley rescue a beautiful woman (Fate) after witnessing her live burial. The men (Ralph and Jason) attend to the unconscious girl but get captured by a commune of female cultists who only want to rescue their buried member. Cultist Fate had worked with a crime syndicate while uncovering a fortune in something (assumed to be platinum). But the platinum-filled suitcase gets seized by her cartel associates who then bury Fate as punishment. Ralph and Jason complete a bizarre initiation to become the only male members of this fourth-wave vampy group. Jason sees the experience as an adventure and finds romance with some of the members. Ralph only wants to escape where he is regarded as threatening and sexually repulsive. The cult leader, Hesperia now turns to avenge Fate’s burial. The women, with their two new members steal back the valuable suitcase from a desert warehouse where Fate knows the syndicate holds the platinum. After the robbery, the angry mob trace the cultists back to the commune where the women escape by helicopter to the worm ranch. Ralph is left behind and captured while hiding the suitcase. Imprisoned in the warehouse, Ralph spots a time bomb that he had handled during his warehouse break-in earlier. Bound, he can still arm the bomb before being forced to a torture room. During the interrogation and at the moment he is to die, Ralph drops behind a desk and survives the explosion that he had set five minutes earlier. Ralph phones the bug ranch where Fate answers his call. Racing to Ralph at the burning warehouse, Fate asks about the hidden valise at the commune. Receiving her answers from shell-shocked Ralph, Fate shoots the rancher and drives to the commune where she finds what’s really inside the priceless suitcase. Ralph is saved from death again by his flak-vest that he still wears from the earlier mob attack as he fumbles back to his ranch. Cult leader Hesperia has left on her helicopter alone after dumping all of the hapless cult with Ralph and Jason. Next day, Ralph has the confused women working as worm wranglers on his ranch. Later he and Jason see two men burying something over the horizon, just as in the beginning when they saw Fate’s burial. The coffin this time is an oil drum filled with nuclear waste from a new nearby nuke plant. The consequences of the contaminated dump and Fate’s surprise has catastrophic effects on Ralph and the cultists over the next moments.

Duration: 94 min


IMDb: 4.7